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Protecting Your Home When You Travel

Summer is gearing up, and more and more people are beginning to travel again since the pandemic. Although it is currently the prime time for vacation, it is also a time when theft becomes more prominent. To fully enjoy your trip, you will want to prepare yourself and take the necessary steps to protect your home while you are away. If you live in Willmar, Minnesota, and are planning a vacation, MG Insurance Inc. can help you have peace of mind while you are away. Read on to learn more about how to protect your home when you travel.

Preparing the Outside of Your Home For Your Absence

houseaug2When you prepare to leave for a vacation or work trip, there are several steps you can take to protect the exterior of your home. It is advisable to place a hold on your mail or make an arrangement with a friend or neighbor to pick it up to thwart burglaries. Bring any valuables inside the home, and don’t leave spare keys in any obvious places. You may also want to consider setting up some outdoor lighting that comes on when it gets dark outside or lights with motion sensors in order to deter burglars. It is also advisable to make arrangements for lawn care and landscaping with a neighbor or a professional service while you are away so it doesn’t appear that you are gone and so that your lawn is cared for in your absence.

Taking Steps To Protect The Interior Of Your Home While You Are Away

To set your mind at ease while you are away, you will also want to prepare the inside of your home. You will want to ensure that all the windows, doors, garage doors, etc. are locked up, and be sure to secure any valuable possessions in a safe. It is advisable to turn off the water coming into your home and unplug appliances in order to conserve energy and to eliminate the risk of a power surge, and you may want to invest in a timed lighting system so it appears as though you are home and to discourage theft. It is also a good idea to set your thermostat at 40 degrees or higher to protect your pipes from freezing. One of the best ways to protect your home is to ensure that your homeowners insurance policy is up to date and that you have the appropriate coverage needed.

Getting Help With Homeowners Insurance

In order to make the most out of traveling, you will want to have the peace of mind that your home is protected. If you are located in Willmar, Minnesota, and are interested in learning more about your homeowners insurance options, contact MG Insurance Inc. today for a consultation.

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