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There are several adventures that life takes us on, and having a trustworthy professional to help with all our insurance needs is necessary. At SouthPoint Insurance Agency LLC, we're your preferred team of experts who provide personal and business insurance needs throughout Minnesota. We have extensive knowledge of the right products designed to give you the best protection possible.

Covering Your Insurance Needs in Minnesota

It's essential that we provide Minnesota residents with different products that meet their needs. Below are the different insurance options we're proud to provide.

  • Auto Insurance- Whether you have a new car or an old favorite, we provide auto insurance to protect one of your most important assets.
  • Home Insurance- When you've worked so hard to get into the home you want, we're here to ensure it's protected with a good home insurance policy.
  • Umbrella Insurance- This means you're getting additional liability coverage than what's typically covered in your auto or home insurance.
  • Commercial Insurance- This type of insurance is vital for business owners because it covers their business property, liability, and other risks associated with running a company.
  • Farm And Crop Insurance- Farm and crop insurance offers comprehensive coverage to protect your livelihood.

Some of our other products include RV insurance, life insurance, and boat/watercraft insurance. No matter your needs, we can help you with a personalized plan. It's our goal to match your needs with our insurance products for peace of mind.

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