Farm And Crop Insurance in Minnesota

At SouthPoint Insurance Agency LLC, we aim to assist Willmar, MN, clients regarding their farm and crop insurance decisions. For Minnesota farmers, this is one of the most pivotal choices that will be made. To find out more about how helpful these policies can be, please be sure to read on! Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common mistakes so that you can easily sidestep these pitfalls.


These are two of the most common farm and crop insurance policy mistakes. The planted acreage per unit must be correct at all times. Underreporting of crops will lead to an artificially inflated yield that can cause further issues down the line. On the other hand, overreporting crops will cause the provider to reduce the acreage to the correct number. Any indemnity must be reduced accordingly.

No Indication of New Land

This is a mistake that newer farmers often make. The acreage report must be correct when a new farm is being established. Added land has to be calculated using the most favorable method possible. A failure to do so will cause the t-yield method to be used instead, which reduces the yield guarantee for the farmer in question.

Wrongful Harvesting

The crop must be harvested in the manner that it was insured. The crop insurance carrier must be informed of any changes or problems that will ensue. Let’s say that corn has been insured as grain, but the farmer chooses to harvest said corn as silage. If so, the appraisal process will be negatively affected, and the farmer’s indemnity will not be processed as expected.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about your Minnesota farm and crop insurance policy, SouthPoint Insurance Agency LLC is here to help. Willmar, MN residents are urged to call or stop by as soon as possible. Our friendly and experienced agents are happy to provide the necessary assistance.

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