Umbrella Insurance in Minnesota

When you buy insurance, you are protecting yourself against the possibility of an adverse event you can’t predict. However, even people with insurance can experience a claim for an amount that is higher than their policy’s limits. Purchasing a personal umbrella policy will provide you with additional liability coverage to protect your financial assets.

At SouthPoint Insurance Agency in Willmar, MN, our mission is to provide high-quality insurance coverage at the lowest prices. We want our first meeting with you to begin a lasting business relationship. Our trained agents will meet with you to find the best possible insurance solutions for you and your family.

Talk to SouthPoint about Umbrella Insurance

You may have questions about umbrella insurance. Minnesota residents who would like information about this additional level of liability protection can talk to one of our agents. These policies will provide additional coverage if confronted by a claim for an auto accident, an injury at your home, or a personal lawsuit.

To decide whether you need umbrella insurance, compare your net worth to the liability limits of your current policies. If the liability limit exceeds your net worth, talk to one of our agents about umbrella insurance. With this additional coverage, you’ll be better prepared for future events.

A Wise Investment

Purchasing umbrella insurance is relatively inexpensive, and its coverage limits begin at $1 million. An umbrella policy is a wise precaution against situations that traditional insurance may not cover. If you’re potentially interested in umbrella insurance, you should be aware it does not cover any of your injuries.

The professional agents at SouthPoint Insurance Agency in Willmar, MN invite you to bring us your questions about umbrella insurance. Our knowledgeable agents will also be able to discuss any of your other insurance needs. We pride ourselves on our reputation in this community and look forward to doing business with you.

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